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Baby Book 2.0

Baby Book 2.0

$ 85.00

Childhood is fleeting but the mementos last forever! Precious memories from your child’s early years are meant to be chronicled and cherished for years to come. It all starts with the sonogram photo, then their first lock of hair, their favorite stuffed animal, their first rattle and so much more.

These museum-quality books are made of a sturdy cloth exterior with acid-free linings to help preserve papers and photos. Drawers make it easy to save priceless small items. There are even tiny envelopes for baby’s first curl or tooth. 24 vertical files hold important documents like birth certificates and footprints. Over 100 hand-illustrated labels are included to prompt you about what to save while blank labels let you identify your own unique memories.

Set measures 10.75 x 7.30 x 13.75

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